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Cloak Engaged as Crysis Remastered heads to all major platforms

After breaking the internet a few days ago by popping over to the Crysis website cookie policy page, Crysis Remastered becomes official. Folks over at Crytek finally teased the updated version of the very first title of a series that gave birth to “but can it run crysis?”

Nothing else was revealed about the remaster except for the platforms where it’ll launch — PC, Xbox, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. For sure though, the game will receive a visual overhaul. As if Crysis needs to be even more powerful eh? The game first came out way back in 2007. It introduced players to the prominent characters of the series, particularly Prophet. The story follows a team of special soldiers equipped with Nanosuits as they respond to a distress signal by a civilian archaeologist.

We also got our first taste of the power these Nanosuits contain. Including our most favorite “Cloak Engaged” power. Sadly, Crytek also left out the release date of the game teasing us with just a “Coming Soon”. You can head on over to the Crysis Remastered website to subscribe to its newsletter. Either way, we’ll keep our eye out for further announcements.

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