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The iconic PvP bombing game heads exclusively to Stadia!

Get ready to bomb as Super Bomberman R Online arrives on Stadia this September. The game features notable characters from the Bomberman Universe and even some special guests!

Super Bomberman R Online supersizes the fun competitive bomber to a crazy 64-player mayhem. The Battle 64 mode takes inspiration from the battle royale genre. Players begin in one of many areas at the start of a match. As the clock ticks down certain areas will start closing down, much like how the maps in battle royales shrink. Gates will then open for players to move to other areas for safety while battling their fellow gamers. Bombers will be highly customizable with skins and their own bombs with unique blasts. Here’s the catch for Stadia users.

Stadia Pro Users

  • Available from September 1st, Stadia Pro users will have indefinite free access to the base game (as long as they have an active subscription).
  • From September 1st to November 30th, 2020, Stadia Pro users will be able to claim the Premium Edition bundle (base game + Premium Pack – SRP $9.99 (~Php 484)) for no cost and is theirs to keep.
  • After November 30th, 2020, Stadia Pro users can purchase the Premium Pack add-on at SRP $9.99 (~Php 484) which will provide users the same content as the Premium Edition bundle.

Stadia Base Users

  • Available post-launch, Stadia Base users will be required to purchase the Premium Edition bundle at SRP $9.99 (~Php 484) (‘base game only’ option will not be available).
super bomberman R online

As for that Premium Pack you’ll be getting 14 additional characters with special types and abilities and the ability to create private matches. Here is the roster included in the Premium Pack.

  • Simon Belmont Bomber from Castlevania
  • Pyramid Head Bomber from Silent Hill
  • Raiden Bomber from Metal Gear Solid
  • Alucard Bomber from Castlevania
  • Vic Viper Bomber from Gradius
  • Bill Bomber from Contra
  • Lance Bomber from Contra
  • Naked Snake Bomber from Metal Gear Solid
  • Richter Bomber from Castlevania
  • Bubble Head Bomber from Silent Hill
  • Princess Tomato Bomber from Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom
  • Mimi Bomber from Pop’n Music
  • Nyami Bomber from Pop’n Music
  • Robbie the Rabbit Bomber from Silent Hill

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