ReadySet Heroes is a unique twist of dungeon crawl and arena brawl


Fast-paced mayhem!

While the front page of PlayStation’s State of Play was VR, there are still a few announcements in the mortal plane. One of these was ReadySet Heroes from the creators of Orcs Must Die!, a game with a unique mash-up of dungeon crawling and arena brawling.

The dungeon crawling aspect of the game tasks players into developing their own characters from scratch. Players will venture into the world of ReadySet Heroes to gather armor, weapons, and spells. Of course, as a dungeon crawler, there’ll be puzzles to solve and mobs and bosses to slay.

Now, for that arena brawling aspect, players are not alone in their quest to greatness as there are others who seek to become the land’s greatest hero. This is why players have to be quick in their conquest and improvements if they wish to become the best. The modes can be free-for-all (4-player) or team vs team (2 v 2) competitions with mini games like snail races and outright duels.

The game was designed to be a short session, so matches will truly be quick and fun. The devs are also generous enough to not require PlayStation Plus for online multiplayer. ReadySet Heroes is set for a 2019 release, pricing is yet to be revealed.