Playpark Announce the pre-registration and OBT of TERA Classic SEA
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Playpark’s project manager Dan imperial and Mr. Jason Dayrit announced the Open-Beta (OBT)  registration and launch of TERA Classic SEA. TERA is part of the four new games in Playpark’s roadmap, with it are Elyon, Dream of a New World, and Noah’s Heart.

TERA Classic SEAis a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG). You can choose to play as one of the seven different playable races, and five available classes. According to Mr. Imperial The gameplay is similar to Perfect World wherein it is more of turn-based combat. It also features a unique skill system where you choose your character’s elements. The element you choose affects your character’s skill function. Despite being a mobile game, they said that it boast good graphics.

TERA Classic SEA at ESGS 2022

TERA Classic SEA has a Combat Power (CP) system, with various ways to increase it. Item crafting, pets, and mounts affects your current CP. The overall CP determines the difficulty of dungeons and battles you encounter. Player Versus Player is also available in the game, your CP also determines the battles that you would have.

Currently there is an OBT registration happening at the TERA booth (beside the Razer booth) here at ESGS. You can also register via Apple app store and on Google Play. Pre-registrants are going to get a free title and mount. There are log-in events, dungeons, and daily quests during the OBP to improve the player’s combat score.

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