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In case 240Hz is too low for you, then ASUS has an answer — the Swift 360Hz!

CES 2020 is right around the corner and brands are starting to tease us with their latest creations. Not one to slip past the crowd, ROG drew attention by previewing their Swift 360Hz gaming monitor. This new beast breaks the refresh rate barrier by offering a staggering 360Hz refresh rate.

Swift 360Hz

Along with that 360Hz refresh rate, we’re getting a 24.5″ 1080p, 2.8ms panel with Nvidia G-Sync technology. ROG is aiming at the higher end of the spectrum since you need the absolute best components to hit that mark. Those of you who may be wondering why we’re not getting 4k with this, well it might very well be that the price will sky rocket or 360Hz just isn’t there yet. They’ll be showcasing the monitor this CES 2020.

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