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Square Enix announced back in 2017 that they would be working on an Avenger’s game. Finally, in E3 2019, we will see our first look at this title.

Square Enix has revealed that the official title of their upcoming Avengers game will be Marvel’s Avengers (very innovative Square!). This was an interesting reveal, as the PS4 exclusive Spider-Man game is officially titled Marvel’s Spider-Man, in which the Avengers Tower can be visited.

In an interview; Bill Roseman, the Vice President and Creative Director of Marvel Games, mentioned that Marvel’s Spider-Man may just be the gaming equivalent of the MCU’s “Ironman”. Basically the one that will start a following for Marvel but for games rather than cinema.

square enix marvel's avengers

We will have more info as Square Enix hosts the reveal on June 10 at 6PM PST (June 11, 9AM PHT).

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