Xbox Series X is the next-generation Xbox


A new Xbox enters the fray!

A new era of Xbox has arrived. Microsoft announced their latest console in the Xbox family, Xbox Series X, at The Game Awards 2019. This console is poised to be the most powerful in the Xbox family, boasting four times the processing power of its predecessor, the Xbox One X. Along with the new console, the company also revealed the latest Xbox wireless controller.

Going into specifics, the latest Xbox features state-of-the-art hardware and software capabilities. The latest console boasts 4K graphics qualities in 60 and 120 fps. It achieves this through its custom-designed Zen 2 and RDNA architecture from AMD. Aside from high-quality graphics, the console aims to also reduce loading times for players through its next-generation SSD.

Xbox will release Xbox Series X in Holiday 2020. For the latest updates on Series X, check out Xbox’s website here. Finally, don’t forget to follow Dice & D-Pads for the latest Game Awards 2019 updates.