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With the pandemic slowing down and social gatherings slowly taking place again, hanging with your friends is now possible. However, with being locked up and all for a long time, there may still be a sort of awkwardness. To solve this we have a couple of party games that could break the ice. The games featured in this article are both playable in real life and online.

Party games : UNO


The popular card game by Mattel is an easy choice for reunions, and pretty much any social occasion. The premise of the game is simple, the player who runs out of hand cards wins. However it isn’t as simple as you think, the power cards here will surely give you a thrill. If you manage to guard yourself against these cards, you may be prone to not shouting “UNO!” as you’re too excited.

The great thing about UNO is that it is more accessible with different card packs, and even digital options. Just know that there are official UNO rules that you cannot dispute. There is also an UNO ranking (for online play) where you can display and boast your might.

Grab your copy:

Party Game : Exploding kittens

Exploding Kittens

The title enough sounds cute and yet diabolical, well that is the aim of exploding kittens. A fun party game good for up to 10 players (or you can add more cards to accommodate more people). With multiple expansions to tempt you into playing other decks than the original. Aside from that, the art is too cute to pass up on.

The instruction of the game is pretty easy to understand, and so are the instructions of the cards being played. To give you a rundown, basically don’t get the cards with “Exploding Kittens” on the label. Either pass or force another player to draw instead of you. Pretty simple and yet o so fun right?

Get your copies here:



Do you like gathering wood? how about building towers of wood as you panic? Well, we have the game for you and no, it isn’t Fortnite. The game in question is called Jenga! This game is pretty much easy to understand, just don’t make the entire thing fall. However, it isn’t that easy as you take blocks from lower levels while you build up your tower.

Who knew playing with wood could be so much fun? This party game really is for you physics, and wood lovers. However, who said that Jenga is only made of wood? There are other Jenga products that are made with recycled materials. While others are made of premium wood and even cardboard boxes. Sadly Jenga is only playable in real life, but hey more time to bond physically right?

Get your set here.

Cards against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity

Note: Just to warn you ahead of time, this is one of those party games that aren’t for all ages. Please do exercise some of that parental guidance (PG) when you play this with minors. 

Do you want a simple pass for being, well yourself? How about for being a bit rowdy? Or even to just practice that dark humor of yours. Then Cards against humanity is the card game for you! “A party game for horrible people” as most of the cards contain taboo or questionable content.

Each deck has two types of cards, one being the question, and the second the response. The rule is simple, play a card or two depending on the requirement, and have the funniest response. Presently multiple expansions are available, perhaps your certain humor is included in the mix. Did we mention that you could just print your own deck?

Get your own Physical deck here (for sale or for print)
Play it online

Party Games: Joking Hazard

Joking Hazard

Note: Just to warn you ahead of time, this is one of those party games that aren’t for all ages. Please do exercise some of that parental guidance (PG) when you play this with minors. 

From the creators of Cyanide and Happiness comes Joking Hazard! Another card game that is sure to give you a laughing good time. Based on the online comic Cyanide and Happiness, expect a bit of crass humor. Another warning as some cards can be offensive, so please play this with an open mind. Basically, this card game isn’t really for children, but perhaps for the child in you.

The instruction is simple, accumulate enough points by making the funniest comic thread. Of course, the characters and images are made into the likeness of Cyanide and Happiness. This is easy enough to pick up and play that it can be learned at the get-go. Yet, why learn when you can be as brain-dead funny as you want. You can grab a copy of the game at the link down below.

Grab your cards here



If you enjoy having your friends over to talk about finances, then this party game is not for you! Made by Hasbro, the company that produces popular toy lines. From shows or brands like Power Rangers, Transformers, G.I. Joe, Magic the Gathering, NERF, MARVEL, and many more. Monopoly is a fairly simple game, collect enough properties to build your empire and you win. However, just know that 1 to 3 other players are competing, and out there to give you a hard time.

The rules for Monopoly vary on what version you are playing (tabletop or cards). The card game version being easier to play and understand. However, the main goal for both games is simple, own enough property to get the winning condition. There are also cards and tiles that can ruin your opponent’s momentum, so learn to play smart.

You can Grab your Physical copy here:

We hope that you’d get to play and enjoy these party games that we suggested. Just remember to still follow health protocols whenever you meet up with friends in real life. Until next time!

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