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Thinking of buying tickets to CONQuest 2023? Well, then these might be the things you can consider whether you are a new or returning attendee. As it so happens, there are quite a few new things this year.

5 Venues

This year, CONQuest is expanding like never before exploring a multi-venue event. Instead of the regular events spot SMX Convention Center, we have 4 more areas. Namely, Conrad Manila, Mall of Asia, Seashell Lane, and NU MoA. Each of these sites offers a lot of different experiences. So there’s a lot to explore. Although, there’s a ton more walking too, so ready those legs of yours for a workout

Music Night

For the first time ever, CONQuest 2023 brings in a different set of fans and celebrities as they introduce Music Night. As the name suggests this will be a special evening filled with musical activities. Including performances from well-known and indie bands, a few also happen to be gaming enthusiasts. You’re going to have to shell out a bit for this experience though as the ticket costs a whopping Php 5,000. It’ll probably be an epic night if they’re charging that much right? We hope so!

Food Street

CONQuest 2023 is upping its munch game as they introduce an entire area just for food dubbed Food Street. The famous Seashell Lane will play host to a slew of food stalls for hungry attendees to chill in between their walking and activities. The entire area will be dedicated to CONQuest 2023 for a whole 3 days. Even if you’re not taking a break, you definitely have to check this area out if you’re going to CONQuest 2023.

These are all the new things you can expect from CONQuest 2023 apart from their usual offerings of gaming activities, discounts, and celebrity meets. The event will run from June 2nd until June 4th. Be sure to grab tickets while you still can over at their website or on-site if you get lucky. See you there!

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