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CONQuest 2023, one of the biggest annual Philippine gaming events is right around the corner. The event will kick off June 2nd up until June 4th and it’s jam-packed with well-known guests. This year, the venue is a bit bigger as it expands to Seashell Lane and even to National University MoA. Get ready for 3 days of activities, events, and even goodies!

The guest roster of the said event is a huge one with known entities in the music, gaming, and entertainment world coming for a visit these include:

  • Valkyrae
  • Pokimane
  • Sykkuni
  • South Korean Indie Rock Band, The Rose
  • James Reid
  • LilyPichu
  • And a lot more

As you can see from the list, CONQuest 2023 for the first time ever also brings musical acts to the center stage with its Music Night. We’re expecting this year’s event to bring back the fun activities, booths, and shops we experienced last year. Although, we’re also anticipating to see a lot of new things. So, be sure to keep a lookout for our updated content regarding the things you can do and goodies you can buy at CONQuest. It’s not too late to grab tickets for the event just head on over to their main website to order yours. See you at CONQuest 2023!

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