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Yet another game joins the ever-expanding Play-to-Earn market that surged back in 2021. This one is a Free-to-Play title based on rock-paper-scissors aptly named Janken, which happens to be the Japanese name of the ancient game.

To celebrate the Open Beta release of the game, it currently has a campaign in the Philippines dubbed “Catch the dream with JANKEN!” offering a prize pool of $10,000 (~Php 550,000). Anyone who wishes to be part of the campaign is to register with gleam and follow the rules stated below:

  • Clear all actions on the official campaign page.
  • Download the JANKEN App and create a JANKEN account using the same email address provided
    for the campaign.
  • Participate in the JANKEN Matches.

As for the basic rules of the game, it’s actually pretty simple since you’re only playing rock-paper-scissors. Each set has 3 rounds and to win a player must win three rounds using 4 cards. The cards have different rarities and can level-up to allow players to participate in a variety of matches.

Common, Rare, and Epic cards are obtained through the game’s Gacha system, while Legendary ones are obtained as rewards. To learn more about the game you can head on over to its whitepaper here. You can also follow the game over at their Twitter profile.

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