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ONE Esports, a subsidiary of ONE Holdings, continues adding to its portfolio as it now leads lifestyle app Omne’s esports and gaming portion. The app, made by FWD group, aims to change the way the esports community feels about insurance. It focuses on goal-based journey settings and value propositions.

The partnership between ONE and FWD spans across Indonesia, Japan, and Vietnam. The lifestyle app adds Esports and games in its content apart from the usual music, arts, and fitness. ONE Esports’ role in Omne is to run integrated marketing campaigns focused on Esports and gaming. As such, there will be collaborations with popular gaming personalities as well as promotions on the ONE Esports social channels.

Apart from that ONE will also contribute to creating exclusive gaming and esports content for the app. These range from interviews with esports athletes and a set of mini series to get up close and personal with gaming and esports personalities.

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