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Finally, after about half a year of waiting, Tribes of Midgard’s latest season is out now. Season 3: Inferno Saga, the latest update of the Viking roguelike co-op survival title comes with tons of huge updates and quality of life.

Players move on from the poisonous hydra, J√∂mungandr, of the Serpent Saga and enter a more fiery setting. Inferno Saga introduces the gigantic Inferno Ancient, Surtr in a new volcanic-themed biome — The Volcanic Spire. Now, a new season doesn’t just mean a new enemy and map but a whole slew of much-needed and appreciated additions:

  • A new Saga Quest — Saga Quest: Inferno will have players journey through the Volcanic Spire to clear out Volcanic Outposts to stop Surtr’s Invasion and ultimately engage the Inferno Ancient.
  • A new weapon — The Spear makes its way as a new handy option for players, offering long reach and quick attacks.
  • A more detailed Game Over Screen — Get to know even more statistics when a game ends including the session’s global results, team results, and your personal results.
  • Fishing — Everyone’s favorite hobby in any game is finally in Tribes of Midgard thanks to this new Season.

However, the biggest change in Inferno Saga is the arrival of the Survival 2.0 game mode. Gone is the 15-day cycle to defend yourself and finish saga quests. This time, players have the option to experience a true survival mode. These include creating their very own village, yep you no longer have a pre-made place to protect. Gone are the waves of Helthings and you now seek out Jotuns or Ancients as they are now called.

There is also a whole new crafting and blessing system. Apart from this huge new mode, there are changes made to combat, new runes, starter kits, and a lot more. To check out the entire list of changes in Season 3: Inferno Saga visit the patch notes here.

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