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The Halo Infinite Co-Op Beta is finally here, after weeks of clamor from the fans. Players will now get to experience its campaign with their friends, in a limited fashion

The announcement came through via an official tweet from the Halo account. The Co-Op can be experienced on both Xbox and PC. This is still Beta though, so 343 Industries is expecting some bugs along the way. Also, progress in the Beta will not carry over, as stated in a previous interview regarding this test phase. Players only have until Monday, August 1st, at 10 am PT (August 2, 1 pm for GMT +8) to enjoy the playtest. Also, to access this campaign, players have to download the special campaign build and start a brand new playthrough. Here’s what you can expect from the Halo Infinite Co-Op Beta:

  • Mission Replay – A beloved feature of the Halo franchise. You can rerun missions in a different difficulty while retaining your current weapons.
  • Multiplayer Academy and Customization aren’t included.
  • Steam Co-Op is invite-only while for Xbox, only those with a Game Pass or those who purchased the campaign can participate.

As for campaign progress, once a Fireteam Leader starts a session all players in the team will have to select their save file. The campaign progress will then be aggregated so that the session reflects the content each member has completed. Collectibles such as Data Pads will unlock for the entire team as long as one member doesn’t have it yet. All equipment, upgrades, and High Value Target (HVT) weapons will remain unlocked for each individual player even if someone hasn’t unlocked it yet.

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