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Read on for our ROG Cetra True Wireless Review!

After offering a wired gaming earphones in the form of the ROG Cetra back in 2020, ROG is back for more. This time around they went cordless with the release of the ROG Cetra True Wireless. Apart from offering the comfort of having no strings attached, what else do we get from it? Well, find out in our ROG Cetra True Wireless Review.

Sophisticated Looks

Gaming peripherals and accessories more often than not look aggressive or over-the-top. You either have edgy aesthetics or lots of flashing lights. While the ROG Cetra True Wireless still has that “gaming” aura it’s a little more discreet when it comes to bling. It does have those edges but went the more subtle route when it comes to lighting. You only have a small light strip on each of the earbuds and that’s it.

There’s no RGB on those logos which we are accustomed to with ROG. We do have a logo that lights up but it’s not on the buds but on the inside of the charging case. The Republic also chose to go with the “Air Pods” style, giving the earphones some stems much like how Apple did with their wireless buds. Overall though, we love that it’s not too over-the-top while still exuding a gaming vibe.

ROG Cetra True Wireless Review

Surprisingly Good Audio quality

Most consumers dismiss gaming audio gear thinking they are just gimmicks to draw in gamers. As we’ve seen in the market, the true best audio devices for gaming are actually not specifically made for gamers. However, the Cetra True Wireless, despite having that “gaming” tag does provide a great audio experience on top of its many other features. Mids, Highs, and Lows are all present and surprisingly good and the volume can get pretty loud. Does this help up your game when playing?

Certainly, thanks to the great audio quality. This is especially helpful when playing games that require audio cues such as Battle Royales. Apart from that, you can more than enjoy great soundtracks of games with banger music. You also have access to a gaming mode that prioritizes sound cues perfectly. You can toggle this on and off through the tap controls of the earphones.

To top it all off, you have even more options to tweak your audio experience inside the Armoury Crate App. Whether you use the desktop or mobile versions of the program. You have sound optimization presets, a toggle for virtual surround sound, and an equalizer for further fine-tuning the settings to your preference.

ROG Cetra True Wireless Review

More than just for Gaming

What sets the ROG Cetra True Wireless apart from the competition is its versatility. Despite being built specifically for gaming, and performing well in that regard, you can still use it for day-to-day activities. Thanks to its IPX4 splash-proof water resistance rating you can use the Cetra True Wireless as your gym or jogging buddy. Plus sweaty cables won’t bother you thanks to it being wireless. Remember those settings we mentioned earlier? Well, you can tune up the device to cater to music or even movies once you relax from your gaming sessions. So really, the Cetra True Wireless is more than just for gaming.

A little bit of setup and getting used to

It’s not really a negative and it won’t be that much of a hindrance but the ROG Cetra True Wireless does require you to have in the case during initial setup. However, once you pair the earphones to your devices you won’t need to keep them in the case to connect. There is one more thing, getting used to the controls of the left and right buds will take a little bit of time. Although, once you get a hang of it then you’ll appreciate the number of commands you have with just the tap of your fingers.

ROG Cetra True Wireless Review

Just Enough Juice

Now on to the Elephant in the room, battery life. It won’t matter if you have amazing sound and features if you die out quickly right? Well, thankfully the ROG Cetra True Wireless has just enough juice to last you some sessions. The earphones themselves have around 5 to 6 hours of life without ANC on. The case, on the other hand, has about 20 to 21 hours of extra power to give to those earphones.

So, you have a little over a day of usage with both before they run out completely. The case itself fully charges in around 3 to 4 hours. It also has fast charging for the buds giving about an hour of battery for just a few minutes of leaving the pair in. There are more impressive wireless buds with longer battery life out there but at least you can enjoy the Centra True Wireless without having to plug in too often.

ROG Cetra True Wireless Review


The ROG Cetra True Wireless is a surprising cordless gaming earphones. It has great audio, versatility, and just enough juice for enjoyable sessions. Plus it looks good to boot as it forgoes most of the aggressiveness of gaming peripherals. Despite the focus on gaming, the Cetra True Wireless has enough settings customization to cater to most audio needs. Making it a perfect gaming companion that can also be a workout buddy as well as a movie go-to. The earphones aren’t as expensive as expected too, having a price tag of just Php 4,490 (~$80). For that price and what it offers, the ROG Cetra True Wireless is one versatile and reliable piece of audio gear.


SpecificationsROG Cetra True Wireless
Connection- Wireless
Platform Support- PC
- Nintendo Switch
- iOS
- Android
- Bluetooth devices
Drivers- 10mm Neodymium Magnent
Impedance32 Ohm
Frequency Response20 ~ 20000 Hz
Mic Sensitivity-38 dB
Mic Frequency Response100 ~ 10000 Hz
Other FeaturesActive Noise Cancellation
- Headphone (each side) 5g
- Charging case 42 g
PricePhp 4,490

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