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Wonder what’s in store with Resident Evil Village Winter’s Expansion?

After gracing us, and confusing us too, with a tall enigmatic vampire a.k.a Lady Dimitrescu last year, we finally have a glimpse of our first DLC for Resident Evil Village. We’re getting some big goodies with this expansion. Namely, a new story set 16 years after, new additions to the Mercenaries game mode, and a new perspective for Ethan. Plus we’re also getting Resident Evil Village Gold which includes the base game and the Winter’s Expansion. All of these releases on October 28th.

First let’s talk about the upcoming new story from this expansion, Shadows of Rose. This one features Rose Winters, the daughter of previous protagonist Ethan. The now teenage Rose is struggling with the powers she was born with. As such, she goes on her own adventure inside the consciousness of the Megamycete to find a way to remove it. The new story DLC is completely in 3rd person perspective unlike the original.

Up next is some fresh content for the Mercenaries mode of Resident Evil Village. The classic arcade action mode is getting new stages as well as exciting new playable characters. We see the return of franchise staple Chris Redfield, the arrival of Heisenberg, and more importantly, we now get to be the 9-feet tall Lady Dimitrescu herself. Lastly, we get to see Ethan in a new light as the base story gets the much-requested, 3rd Person perspective mode.

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