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Rainbow Six Siege is a well-known First-Person tactical shooter game available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. Now, Ubisoft just announced yesterday that it will be on mobile devices soon. The announcement trailer showed what players could expect from the graphics and gameplay of the upcoming mobile game.

The basic concept of tactical siege and tactical defense is still here in the mobile version. This gameplay consists of the attackers attempting to siege the area while trying to accomplish the objectives. Meanwhile, the defenders can still barricade their areas to try to slow down or completely stop them. The main difference will be the downgrade in the overall graphics to accommodate the mobile device’s specs.

Operators – Attacker

Firstly, the Desktop version of the Rainbow Six Siege has 31 playable operators to date with different guns and unique abilities to choose from. In mobile, there are only five available operators to choose from. Next, players only have a set of equipment unlike in other platforms where you can pick the available weapons and items per operator. Here are the five Operators you can choose from the attacker side and their equipment.

  • ASH
    • Primary Weapon: R4-C Assault Rifle
    • Secondary Weapon: 5.7 USG – Handgun
    • Unique Ability: Breaching Rounds
    • Gadget: Stun Grenades
  • Sledge
    • Primary Weapon: L85A2 Assault Rifle
    • Secondary Weapon: SMG-11 – Machine Pistol
    • Unique Ability: Tactical Breaching Hammer
    • Gadget: Frag Grenade
  • Twitch
    • Primary Weapon: F2 Assault Rifle
    • Secondary Weapon: P9 – Handgun
    • Unique Ability: Shock Drone
    • Gadget: Claymore
  • Hibana
    • Primary Weapon: Type-89 CQB Assault Riffle
    • Secondary Weapon: 93R Handgun
    • Unique Ability: X-Kairos Launcher
    • Gadget: Stun Grenades
  • Thermite
    • Primary Weapon: 552-Com Assault Riffle
    • Secondary Weapon: 5.7 USG – Handgun
    • Unique Ability: Exothermic Charge
    • Gadget: Claymore

Operators – Defender

In contrast, the defending side can have a little bit of a disadvantage in terms of firepower. The Attackers all have assault rifles which have an advantage in Mid to Long-range firefights. To counter this disadvantage, the Defenders can barricade their location and lay down traps to halt or slow down the enemy’s advance.

  • Bandit
    • Primary Weapon: MP7 Submachine Gun
    • Secondary Weapon: 5.7 USG Handgun
    • Unique Ability: Shock Wire
    • Gadget: Barbed Wire
  • Caveira
    • Primary Weapon: Origin-12 Shotgun
    • Secondary Weapon: Luison handgun
    • Unique Ability: Silent Step; Interrogation
    • Gadget: Impact Grenade
  • Smoke
    • Primary Weapon: M500 Shotgun
    • Secondary Weapon: SMG-11 Machine Pistol
    • Unique Ability: Remote Gas Grenade
    • Gadget: Deployable Shield
  • Valkyrie
    • Primary Weapon: MPX Submachine Gun
    • Secondary Weapon: Keratos.40 Handgun
    • Unique Ability: Black Eye Cameras
    • Gadget: Nitro Cell
  • Mute
    • Primary Weapon: M590A1 Shotgun
    • Secondary Weapon: AP30 – Handgun
    • Unique Ability: GC90 Signal Disruptor “Jammer”
    • Gadget: Nitro Cell


Moreover, in PC, Xbox, and PS versions, there are at least 20 different maps that you can play with. However, the Bank and the Border maps are the only two playable maps the game.


Lastly, Rainbow Six Siege Mobile is available on both Android and IOS. The Closed Alpha phase is coming for players to try on. They can register here to sign up for beta testing or a chance to play the game before the official launch.

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