Season 2 Reloaded
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Activision’s hit war shooter FPS game, Call of Duty, announces its huge update for Call of Duty Warzone and Call of Duty Vanguard called Season 2 Reloaded. It features various new game features, game modes, map and area revamps, and many more.

Call of Duty Warzone

  • Season 2 Reloaded
  • Season 2 Reloaded
  • Season 2 Reloaded
  • Season 2 Reloaded

There are a number of changes for the free battle royale game of Call of Duty. Here are the following:

Visual Improvement

  • Rebirth Island Reinforced
  • Water Tower Repaint

Area Revamp

  • Stronghold
  • Prison Yard

Added Feature

  • Two docked ships on New Dock POI can now be looted at the top and bottom decks.
  •  Redeploy Baloons on various Rebirth Island spots (Added feature)

Game Modes

  • Rebirth Resurgence Solo – allows any mercenary to drop into a fast-paced respawn-enabled deathmatch for survival. For Solo, the rebirth meter is already activated meaning players already have a free life. The Rebirth timer then deactivates after a subsequent Circle Collapse.
  • Rebirth Payload – a team-based mode where players will escort or attempt to stop trucks while they travel on a set path on Rebirth Island. It will be a 12v12 match, allowing up to three full squads a side to fight across three preset routes for objectives.
  • Rebirth Blood Money – it works like Plunder, except players are guaranteed a significant payout for Kills even if their target has little to no money on them.


  • Rebirth Reinforced Event –  earn the Legendary “Toxic Heavy” LMG Blueprint, custom-configured for mid to long-range fights.
  • Community Challenges – Divided into various regular objectives based on the performance of all players in the game.
    • Earn enough number of kills – it grants 25,000 XP and unlocks the use of Weapon Trade Stations on the island. The unlocked feature lets you exchange your weapon for one of lesser quality plus additional items, depending on the original weapon’s rarity. These items can include Cash, equipment, Armor Satchels, Self-Revive Kits, Killstreaks or even a Specialist Token.
    • Three more undisclosed challenges – it grants more XP and an undisclosed reward as well.

Call of Duty Vanguard

  • Season 2 Reloaded
  • Season 2 Reloaded
  • Season 2 Reloaded
  • Season 2 Reloaded

Game Mode

  • Arms Race – it features a 12v12 game mode allowing for more players in a single match. Capture or take out bases to dominate the enemy, building your Loadout with Cash earned from eliminations and objective play.

New Features

  • There will be three new vehicles:
    • Motorcycles (2-seater)
    • CD12  (4-seater)
    • Tank (1-seater with build-in weapons)
  • Vanguard Zombies new Covenants, Dedicated Server Pause & More – It will introduce a Critical Expertise and Explosives Expert Covenants to this game mode

UI And Reward Updates

  • There will be new rewards for players participating in Ranked play along with party and menu updates.

COD Weapons & Cosmetic Packs

  • Season 2 Reloaded
  • Season 2 Reloaded
  • Gustavo Dos Santos operator bundle
  • Island Expedition Pro Pack
  • Boston Breach Team Pack
  • Tracer Pack: Attack on Titan Mastercraft Bundle
  • Snoop Dogg Operator Bundle
  • Armaguerra 43 (SMG. free to get)

Call of Duty isn’t a stranger to importing various iconic characters and people from different aspects of entertainment. The most notable addition in the game, however, is the famous rapper Snoop Dogg.

Season 2 Reloaded

The Call of Duty Season 2 Reloaded update will roll out on COD Vanguard at 9 AM PT on March 22 and COD Warzone at 9 AM PT March 23.To know more about the Season 2 Reloaded updates, visit their full announcement here.

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