Century: Age of Ashes Chieftain promo pic

Century: Age of Ashes officially launched


Announced last December 2020, Playwing LTD has officially released the beta of Century: Age of Ashes today. It is a free-to-play multiplayer game revolving on dragon riding.

The game’s main feature allows players to ride dragons to defeat enemies in different game modes. Next, there are three different classes with varying skills and special abilities that players can choose from.


  • Passive: Relentless Predator – Eliminates and assists fully recharges player’s ability and power.
  • Power: Hunter’s Mark – Marks and tracks an enemy, unleashing a flurry of swift fireballs on the opponent.
  • Rage: Hunter’s Fury – All enemies becomes affected by the player’s Hunter’s Mark. Eliminate more enemies to extend the effect’s duration.


  • Passive: Skeldian Resolve – Players using this class are less affected by shockwaves while negative status effects have shorter duration.
  • Power: Salvation Surge – A rush towards a locked ally, granting a healing, temporary shield to the player and the target.
  • Rage: Exaltion Purge – Enhances your Salvation Surge. Turns the player’s ally Berserk for a short time and grants additional shield.


  • Passive: Guard Shatterer – The player deal more damage to enemy shields.
  • Power: Mystic Shroud – Makes the character invisible for a short while, releasing a more powerful fireball if you attack. The power is cancelled by damage.
  • Rage: Mortal Shroud – Makes the character invisible and untargetable for a short while. Your fireballs deal more damage.

Dragons and Gear

Dragons and cosmetic items can be unlocked via in game progression and by purchasing them from the store using coins or Gems (premium currency). Players can also enhance the style of their Dragons and Riders by changing their armor, mantle, and even weapons.


The game features a 3 v 3, a 6 v 6 quickplay, and ranked mode with different game modes.

  • Spoils of War: Steal gold from mighty creatures & the enemy team while protecting your own gold nest.
  • Carnage: A team deathmatch consisting of 6 members per team. It comes with special power ups appearing in the arena.
  • Gates of Fire: Similar to Capture-the-Flag game mode, gain points by flying through special gates around the arena while holding the flag.

To know more about the game, visit Century: Age of Ashes’ website. Lastly, you can also sign up for Beta and grab a copy of the game on Steam. In the meantime, watch the launch trailer below.