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The hit Sandbox MMORPG, New World, releases its latest major update called Into the Void providing balance, bug fixes, improvements, and added features.

Two of the game’s notable additions are its new weapon and enemies. First, the Void Gauntlet, a weapon that utilizes the void element in the game. It scales with the Intelligence and Focus statistics and provides support to allies and damage to enemies.

New World Major Update
Void Blade and Orb of Decay

Much like with other existing weapons in the game, it has two weapon mastery trees: Annihilation and Decay. The first one maximizes close-ranged damage and revolves around the Void Blade skill. The second tree, on the other hand, provides both ranged healing and debuffs thanks to its Orb of Decay skill.

Next, the new enemy group, Varangian Knights, led by Commander Attalus wreaks havoc at the Southeastern Aeternum. These knights consist of Varangian Hewers, Varangian Scouts, Varangian Knights, and Varangian Archers. All of them are vassals of the warlord named Varik “The Hammer” Iznov.

Another major update links all Trading Posts initially separated from each other based on the territories in the game. This means that all players will see all currently auctioned items during town visits. For balance, the game now uses Alkahest in crafting higher-tier potion items. Meanwhile, loots and rewards are increased as they added special named drops in the newly added enemies.

We also have UI/UX improvements in the patch along with more support for streamers. Lastly, we have numerous bug fixes addressing the major concerns of players in the game. Check out the full patch notes on their website here.

New World Major Update


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