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Epic Games announces the availability of various Riot Games Titles in their platform for downloading. After the announcement of the League of Legend’s character Jinx joining Fortnite, the video game publisher revealed the availability of the following:

Existing players can still log in to their accounts to play and see their friends list using the new Riot client that rolled out a couple of weeks ago. Also, some of the games like League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics are still region-dependent and may not be available immediately in your countries. All games are free and can be obtained via the Epic Games Store.

Here’s a brief background of each Riot Title.

  • Legends of Runeterra and Teamfight tactics are both strategy games with the former being card-center while the latter is chess-like with League characters.
  • League of Legends is nothing new to anyone as its already a global phenomenon thanks to its competitive scene.
  • Valorant is Riot’s newest addition to their portfolio, taking inspiration from the Counter Strike franchise. This one is still a growing title that drew the attention of a lot of FPS enthusiasts.
Riot Games Client – Riot Games Titles

Riot Games’ planned a month-long event, one of the unannounced activities is the recent collaboration with Epic Games. Read the link here to know more about the Riot Games collaboration with Epic Games.

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