Take a peek at some Elden Ring Combat and Dungeons in this Latest Gameplay Trailer


Bandai Namco and From Software just dropped the latest gameplay trailer for the highly-anticipated RPG, Elden Ring. In this new sneak peek, we finally got a look at the game’s open-world map, combat, and dungeons.

The Story so Far

Elden Ring latest Gameplay

For those who have only heard about Elden Ring now, it is one of these most anticipated games of 2022. It’s a souls-like RPG with the story written by Hidetaka Miyazaki (Dark Souls) and George R. R. Martin. In this Elden Ring latest trailer, we got a slew of new information starting with the premise.

The story takes place in The Lands Between, where the all-powerful Elden Ring is split amongst ruling demigods. You are a member of ‘The Tarnished’, people who were once banished from the Lands Betweens. As the player, you are tasked with fulfilling an old prophecy; uniting the fragments of the Elden Rings, and claiming your rightful place in these lands.

Elden Ring latest Gameplay
A site of Grace

Open-world Map

Perhaps the most distinct feature of Elden Ring is its open-world map. While exploring the world, players will get to move around freely, on foot, or by a magical horse. Some features include Spirit Springs, which can be found near cliffs and mountains. These springs will launch you into the air but are only accessible on horseback.

Sites of Grace are also scattered around the map, giving players a chance to heal and save their game. Moreover, these sites will also produce rays of guiding light that will direct adventurers to their next challenge. Of course, different monsters of varying strength will be lurking throughout the map.

Elden Ring latest Gameplay
The map of Elden Ring

There will also be treasure dungeons or catacombs hidden in caves. Here, you must navigate your way through a maze of tunnels and eerie monsters towards a special prize hidden at the heart of the catacomb. Additionally, the map of Elden Ring allows you to mark out important parts or places. These marks will result in pillars of light, visible to you as you explore the world.

Combat and Crafting

As expected, the combat is very similar to other souls-like RPG games. In Elden Ring, players have the option of wielding multiple weapons, physical and magic-based. You will also have access to different spells and magical abilities throughout the game. Most notably, players will get to summon spirits, to assist them in battle.

The inventory and crafting system are also what you would expect from a souls-like RPG game. You will be able to craft special items using materials gathered in the field. Moreover, the trailer also introduced us to a mysterious character by the name of Melena, who may be a potential source of upgrades for the player.


Finally, the trailer offered us a glimpse of the game’s dungeons, particularly Stormvale Castle. Like other dungeons in the game, players can traverse the dungeon in multiple ways. For instance, a suspiciously-nice skeleton can show you a hidden route into the castle. Of course, it’s up to you to trust him. There may also be other adventurers in the castle, giving you an opportunity to form alliances.

As you might expect, a final boss awaits you at the end of the dungeon. In the case of Stormvale Castle, Godrick the Golden, a multi-armed demigod awaits your challenge. Judging from the trailer, it looks like you might have to pull out all the stops to defeat him.

Elden Ring latest Gameplay

Other Information

Apart from gameplay, the devs also revealed pre-order details for Elden Ring. These include the collector’s edition, which features limited-edition game merch. More information about the pre-orders here.

That’s it for the latest update on Elden Ring’s Gameplay! The game will launch on February 25, 2022, for PC, PS4/5, Xbox One, and Xbox series X/S. We’re also excited to hear your thoughts on this trailer so do tell us in the comments section.