Super Robot Wars 30 commemorates 30 years of the franchise, out now


The next title in the long-running cross-over mecha franchise is Super Robot Wars 30!

Today is the day we celebrate thirty years of SRW with the release of Super Robot Wars 30. Much like its predecessors the latest installment brings together famous mechas from all around the universe.

Super Robot Wars (SRW) 30 marks the 30th anniversary of the iconic crossover mecha franchise, hence the name. Since its inception back in 1991, SRW has amassed more than a dozen main series and spin-off titles. It maintains a strong following from mech fans thanks to its nature of combining prominent names and mecha from the universe. These include classic and modern ones such as Voltes V, Mazinger Z, Gurren Lagan, various Gundams, and even Code Geass Knightmares. However, this will be the very first main title to fully release outside of Japan, mainly because of licensing issues. Thanks to that it set the Guiness World Record for “most intellectual property licenses used in a RPG video game series”.

This latest title makes use of the same formula bringing in better animation with a whole new story and the same amazing features. Take control of mechs from over 26 animated series in turn-based tactical grid combat. Plan carefully when doing combat in certain terrains making sure you use them to your advantage. Upgrade your mech’s stats to improve their overall performance in blocking, evading, and countering. You can grab a copy of the game below, there are bundles and expansion packs available for purchase: