Star Ocean: The Divine Force revealed at State Of Play


Marking the 25th anniversary of the series, a new installment in one of the oldest RPG franchises developed by tri-Ace debuted at the PlayStation State of Play — Star Ocean: The Divine Force.

The next installmanet still features the franchise’s main appeal — your decision affects what happen in the game. Much like with its predecessors, it will feature the “Double Hero” system. Players choose the perspective of one of the two main characters then plays it out in the game. One will be coming from an advanced civilization and the other will be from an underdeveloped planet.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force

Initially, there were 4 characters that got introduced in the announcement:

  • Raymond
  • Laeticia
  • Elena
  • Albaird

A new feature is that players can move and fly around the environment which allows more exploration and immersion.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force

The game has a real-time fast-paced combat system which allows players to form different types of attacks and wipe out a hordes of enemies.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force comes out in 2022. Check out the game trailer here:

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