New World: Leveling Guide, Tips, and Tricks


In the realm of New World, you can do almost anything in order to get those juicy experience points to level up. Whether it’s straight up killing monsters or just simply crafting items. Here’s a quick New World leveling guide to get you up to speed on your Aeternum journey. Ready? Let’s begin!

P.S. here’s an article on everything you need to know about the game if you’re still starting out.

There are numerous things you can do to get EXP, some of them may be tedious at first. However, if you get the right mix, you will be able to get your own style. Allowing you to level up faster than the average player. Before anything else though, let’s lay down the methods on how you can get experience points. 

The Usual Grind

New World is an MMORPG, meaning killing monsters and quests are still the main source of EXP. Following the main story and doing side story quests is the straightforward route for beginners and newcomers. It provides the necessary EXP to move forward on your journey. Plus providing necessary equipment as rewards. 

Another usual grinding method is to simply just kill infinitely spawning monsters around your area. This method is probably the slowest as mobs don’t usually provide ample EXP. The advantage though, is that each monster drop items you may use to power up. Even more so with named monsters, which drops the juiciest rare to legendary equipment in the game.

Discover Places, Get Rewarded

One neat thing in New World is that players get EXP and achievements when they discover new places thanks to exploration. This is a good idea for low-level characters at this early stage as the game only requires low amounts of EXP.

Gather Everything

Another thing you’ll learn in New World is how Skill Trading works. This has three main categories: Gathering, Crafting, and Refining. Gathering materials is straightforward since you can see them everywhere. You will gain EXP depending on their tier level. Although, in order to unlock gathering better items or materials, you have to allot time. Repetition is your friend where, the more you gather, the more EXP you get. It’s also is one of the core features of the game as it opens up crafting of items and equipment.

Craft Things, Win Points

New World Leveling Guide

Gathering and crafting in the game goes hand-in-hand as you can specialize in a certain trade skill. This also benefits you financially as well as your company members. Just like with gathering, you also gain experience depending on the tier level and complexity of your crafts. When you open one of the crafting stations, you will see on the lower right the amount of the specific crafting EXP that you’ll get. Take note that this is different from the character’s EXP gain which is lower.

Additional Note:

You can use the Aeternum Map plugin which can be used in the game. Just follow the instructions stated in the link that we provided and you won’t worry about finding materials anymore!

Faction Questing

The faction and territory mechanics in New World are what make it so enjoyable. Joining one grants you a bunch of faction-exclusive items and equipment. Along with this are the quests that will increase your reputation, tokens (faction currency), coins, territory standing (per area in the map), and most importantly, grant EXP.

New World Leveling Guide

Experience points from faction quests are decent and can be done in sets with a 5-minute refresh cooldown. These quests are split between PvE and PvP. The latter greatly affects the standing of your faction in a territory and this will be your ticket into creating wars in the game (which we’ll discuss in the future). 

Town Projects Galore

One unique feature of New World are Town Project quests. Beginners won’t pay much attention to this at first but, this will be your ticket to fast levelling. These quests are divided into four different types: Upgrade Town, Upgrade Fort, Improve Lifestyle, Town Upkeep.

New World Leveling Guide

Players manually activate the first three but the ruling faction of the town are the usual managers. Any player can take on these quests. Turning them in increases the progress bar located below each quest category, minus Town upkeep. Note that all missions/quests have a 30-minute refresh cooldown to prevent abuse.

Upgrade Town is beneficial to all players living and visiting the town. This provides upgrades on crafting stations, allowing constituents to craft higher tier level of items and equipment.

New World Leveling Guide

Upgrade Fort is mainly for the faction’s defense when war breaks out in their territory. This helps participating players in defending the territory against opposing factions.

Improve Lifestyle helps all the players in the town’s territory on all things that you do in the area. Depending on the activated buff, all players will be able to receive a crafting/gathering/combat increase.

New World Leveling Guide

All three aforementioned categories will have their own available missions/quests in the town project board (if it is active) and they will last until their progression bars are complete. 

Corruption Farming

New World Leveling Guide

Corruption clearing in the game is one of the most commonly done player activity. Depending on the minimum level, each corruption breach gives a good amount of experience and equipment.

Being a War Freak

New World Leveling Guide

Participating in wars in New World is a privilege that you can enjoy. Only at most 100 players, 50 from each warriong faction can participate. Apart from the juicy EXP that you can get even in defeat, you will also receive coins, faction reputation, tokens, and Azoth.

Fish it to Win it

New World Leveling Guide

Fishing in New World is great as it’s not only relaxing and grants raw materials, but also gives you experience points. Just like with gathering/crafting, getting fish with higher tier level will give more EXP. 

Optimizing Things

Now that you already know the methods on how to gain EXP, let’s spice things up a bit and formulate an optimal way to level up faster. Starting things off, as a level 1 newb, what you need to do is to follow the usual main story and side story quests. However, collect all the resources you can get on the way to the quest area such as stones, flint, wood, etc.

You will be able to craft flint tools via your portable camp. If you can, also checkout unidentified landmarks in the game so that you can get additional experience. As a bonus you will also discover fast travel points that aid you later on.

New World Leveling Guide

If you are currently doing non-game related tasks, you can go to a fishing hotspot which can be found all over the map and fish to your heart’s content.

Upon enlisting to a faction, make sure to queue up the faction PvE quests along with your story and side story missions. So when you return to the town NPCs, you can turn those in as well. Once you reach around level 20, try and do corruption runs with strangers or friends which helps boost your gear score and experience.

New World Leveling Guide

Lastly, if you have spare time, try your luck and participate in your faction’s war for spoils. If you’re on the mid-higher level (above 30), Town Project Boards are your best friends. Make sure to check the available quests from time to time and you’ll level up before you know it!

New World Leveling Guide

That’s about it! If you have more tips and tricks on how to level up faster, do let us know in the comments section below. We’ll be sure to add them here for all your other Aeternum buddies to see!

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