Darkest Dungeon II opens Early Access


After almost 2 years in the Red Hook kitchen, Darkest Dungeon II finally opens its doors!

Red Hook Studios finally ends the 2-year long hype train of Darkest Dungon II, successor to their acclaimed rougelike RPG Darkest Dungeon. They kept their promise of a 2021 Early Access after almost a year since its last tease. The company really kept the beans by spilling just a single trailer per year since the game’s announcement back in 2019.

As a successor to the gruesome and unforgiving Darkest Dungeon, II takes the formula even further with fancy changes. First of which are revamped visuals but with the same highly regarded art-style. This includes smoother combat and character animations. Gone are the still images with minor movements, replaced by lifelike animations and actions. You also get to enjoy more of that amazing art thanks to the new 3D landscape linked to exploration. Yep, instead of just heading to a dungeon, your heroes now ride your stagecoach on a vast decaying landscape.

Keeping true to its lineage, Darkest Dungeon II maintains the hardcore mechanics of the first game. You still need to micro manage the state of your heroes. Not just from keeping them safe in combat, but also their mental and even social status. Make sure to pair-up heroes that like each other or you risk your party falling apart. The game is now available on the Epic Games Store for $29.99 or Php 587.99.