New World: Everything You Need To Know Before Starting Your Aeternum Journey


One of the most notable type of games in the MMORPG community is in the genre known as Sandbox Games. New World, developed by Amazon Game Studios and Double Helix Games, is one of those. It finally released following a successful beta phase. Today, we will talk about the things you need to know before trying it out. Let’s Go!

What’s a Sandbox?

If you are new to Sandbox MMORPGs, then the simplest explanation is this type of game will have you start from scratch and grind your way to power. When we say from scratch, we mean that you will begin your journey with no classes, skills, or even specific weapons for that matter. You will grow your character the way you want it to be and that is what New World will teach you as you hop into the game.

What does New World offer?

Randomized Starting Location

In other MMORPGs you normally expect all players to start at only one specific area on the map. New World is not like that as it gives players a more immersive experience featuring 3 starting areas they can spawn into. This makes sense given that one of the game’s main features is having 3 different factions that you can choose from, more on this later.

Rich Lore

MMORPGs would be bland if there are no plots or contexts that will envelope them. New World’s 17th century setting has an immersive lore that you’ll find interesting as you progress throughout the game and is enough to get you hooked and seek out what happens next. Exploring different areas also means new stories to unfold and experience. Apart from quests, there are also scattered journals all over the map that you’ll encounter, possible making you want to read more.

Factions and lots of PvP

Another of New World’s main features are factions. You can choose from 3 different factions: Marauders, Covenant, and Syndicate. Later on in the main story, you’ll choose which one to side with. If you don’t like what you chose, you can change your faction after 120 (real-time) days of joining your current one. 

This mechanic in the game isn’t just for show as one of the main goals of this game is to capture territories and declare war with other factions if deemed necessary. From this, you’ll know that the game has intense player versus player interactions. It will also get political and serious since a lot are at stake if your faction is the dominating group of the server. 

One of the things we liked is that you can form a “Company”, basically what a guild is in other games. Companies can only recruit members of the same faction. They also determine the fate of your whole faction’s status as they initiate wars and manages captured territories for their constituents to enjoy. There is also a faction quest feature which increases your influence and foothold in the area. We’ll dive into this further once we release our full review of the game.

Build-Your-Own Character Style

Given that this is a Sandbox MMORPG, New World will definitely give you the freedom to choose what you want to do with your character. At first, you’ll be given a sword and a shield as your tutorial equipment, but the longer you go, the more weapons and armors are introduced.

The more you use a weapon, the more mastery points you’ll get which is used to learn different skills in your weapon skill tree. Each weapon type will let you choose between 2 different types of play style. You can can mix and match them in any way you want too creating your own unique combinations.

Stats on this game are straightforward and tells you immediately which weapon it affects. Overall, we liked how you can reset your stat and weapon skill points as many times as you want before reaching level 20. Even if you do want to reset above level 20, the cost is relatively cheap and affordable.  

EXP Everywhere!

Yet another thing we liked about New World is that almost everything you do in the game gives you experience points. You like gathering/mining/harvesting things? Here’s some EXP! Want to craft that equipment? The game has exp for that!

We like that the resources in the game are very diverse and each area in the map have unique gatherable, harvestable, and mineable item(s).

New World

Another enticing feature is that the more you do “Trade Skills” which comprises of three main categories: Crafting, Refining, and Gathering; the higher tiers of items you can get. From this, you already know that it will be a tough grind. You’ll also be pleased to know that everything in this game is obtainable without spending real money. Of course, need to have the right amount of patience to do these things — well, except for the cash cosmetics of course!


One of the biggest features of the game is corruption breaches. If you paid attention to the lore, corruption drives people mad which causes them to go berserk. The breaches or portals spawn in random places on each area of the map and it is your duty to close them off one-by-one. It is no easy task as you’ll be facing different types of breaches that puts your fighting skills to the test.

New World

If you successfully close-off a breach, you’ll get hefty rewards such as large amounts of experience points and a breach chest which contains equipment and items to unlock dungeon instances. These corruption breach runs are really fun especially with companions since you’ll most likely need them to finish one. Be sure to have an Azoth Staff (obtainable via the main story quest) or you can’t close any breaches!

Quests, quests, and more quests!

New World

If you are not doing corruption breach runs or dungeon instances, the most common way to level up, gain equipment, and money is via questing. This is one of the things that will never fade in MMORPGs since it gives players satisfaction and motivation to continue moving forward through the game.

New World

There are various ways you can quest in New World. The most common are the main story line and side story quests. This game takes it up a notch by adding faction missions and town projects which have their own merits apart from experience points. Town Project quests are basically town requests you do for crafting station upgrades (initiated by the company owner of the area) that specific town. 

New World

Faction missions, on the other hand, increase your faction influence in the area and it comprises of PvE and PvP missions. It’s up to you if you want to do either one or both of them though.

Fishing = GOTY

New World

Last but not the least, fishing! An MMORPG, or any game for that matter, with fishing is always a plus for gamers. This is because it is relaxing and, at the same time, fulfilling every time you succeed with a catch. This is one of the trade skills that you can level up so it’s up to you if you want to fish all day. It’s also a running joke in the game that this is the perfect end-game content you didn’t know you needed.

New World

There you have it! Remember, you can enjoy New World however you want to. Especially when there’s really so much that you can do here. We hope this helps you decide if you wish to try and play the game. So far, it has been a blast for us since sandbox-type of MMORPGs are one of our favorite genres out there. Let us know your thoughts in the comments. We’ll also be making a levelling guide so watch out for that! Happy grinding fellas!

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