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The day we’ve all been waiting for, Jack Axe is finally on Steam and Nintendo Switch!

Keybol Games’ colorful and pleasing platformer, Jack Axe, finally debuts on PC (Steam) and the Nintendo Switch. Enjoy a unique take on the platforming genre alone or with friends in a world with a fusion of Norse-Filipino Fantasy.

In the game players take control of Jack as she sets off on an adventure with her trusty Axe and equally fiesty sisters. The game offers modes for up to four players. What set’s it apart from other platformers is Jack and her sister’s skill to dash to their axe after throwing it on any direction. Plus, of course, the fusion of Norse and Filipino fantasy. You’ll be seeing a few tagalog words sprinkled here and there in the story conversations. There are also some mini games if you’re observant enough. In any case, the game is out now on Steam and the Nintendo Switch for $14.99. The Steam version will be 15% off until October 14th. Stay tuned for our first impressions and review.

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