Vertux is slowly taking the market by storm


Vertux, the up-and-coming gaming brand is slowly becoming a namesake for good budget gaming offerings!

In just a few months, greenhorn brand Vertux is slowly making a name for itself. The brand has created a strong online presence thanks to its products being listed on well-known and established online selling platforms. However, its presence on online platforms is not the main reason for their recent rise.

As gamers continue to strive and improve their game with peripherals a brand that offers quality and affordable products is truly hard to find. That’s where Vertux aims to come in and they are slowly gathering that presence and fame.

Vertux offers a wide range of peripherals and accessories, from keyboards to mice and even console bling. Here are some of their best-selling items you can check out:


  • Vertux Raidance – An affordable standard keyboard with tactility and RGB backlighting
  • Vertux Tactical – A full mechanical keyboard with Outemu Blue keys, RGB backlighting, and anti-ghosting keys.
  • Vertux Vendetta – A gaming keyboard and mouse combo, offering customers with a 2-in-1 purchase. The keyboard has rubber dome keys and RGB backlighting. While the mouse has 6 buttons and a DPI range of 1000-32000


  • Vertux Kryptonite – An aggressive looking budget mouse with 6-DPI settings (up to 10,000), 9 programmable buttons, and RGB lighting.
  • Vertux Dominator – An affordable ergonomic mouse with 4-on-the-go DPI settings that can reach up to 3,200.


  • Vertux Malaga – The Malaga is an affordable headset featuring 40mm Audio Drives, a Noise-isolating microphone and in-line controls.
  • Vertux Manila – Similar to the Malaga and named after the capital of the Philippines, the Manila has most of the features of its brother with additional virtual 7.1 surround sound support.
  • Vertux Blitz – The big boy of the pack, the blitz offers virtual surround sound, 50mm drivers, and some RGB dazzle.


  • Streamer-3 – An affordable desk mic that is adjustable and has RGB lighting.


  • Vertux Extent – A simple multi-purpose mouse bungee and headphone stand in one with a USB Hub.
  • Vertux Hexarack – A Headset stand and holder with additional features such as RGB lighting, 7.1 stereo sound ports, and 3 USB ports.
  • Vertux Vertucharge-Qi – A portable, handy, and good looking wireless charging station for your devices that offers Qualcomm 3.0 Quick Charge for Qi enabled devices.
  • Vertux Powerbase for PS5A charging dock for that can support up to 2 PlayStation 5 Dual Sense controller.

The brand of course offers other affordable and quality items which you can view over at their online stores below. You can also check out their Facebook for updates and promotions here.

Online Shops:

We’ll do our best to check out their current and future products with unboxings and reviews so you can stay informed. After all they are slowly gaining a strong presence much like how Redragon disrupted the market a few years back by offering quality and affordable items. Its looking a lot like Vertux is heading the same direction. Anyway, if you’re looking to grab some gaming peripherals and accessories then give Vertux a go. Even more so if you’re in the Philippines as the 8.8 online sale is still underway.