The 2021 Steam Summer Sale is upon us


The 2021 Steam Summer Sale is here and with a new gimmick!

Steam is ready to heat up as it kicks of its 2021 Summer Sale, offering discounts on thousands of titles. Not only that, we’re also getting some sort of mini-game to spice up our spending.

The Summer Sale starts today June 24th and will run until July 8th 10 am Pacific. As with all the previous Steam sales, this one will include thousands of titles on the online platform. There’s also a sort of mini-game where customers go through Fourteen stories receiving an animated sticker when completing the choices within. This is in a “choose your own adventure” setting, where you select an action and go through the story based on your choices. Finish all of the 14 stories and you’ll receive one of five unique badges based on your choices. You’ll have to claim these items though before the sale ends so don’t forget that. Head on over to Steam now and happy spending guys, err, gaming!