Forza Horizon 5 dazzles with announcement trailer, gameplay demo


Forza Horizon 5 finally steps into the spotlight and boy was it a show!

Forza Horizon 5 makes its debut in Xbox and Bethesda’s E3 2021 showcase, dazzling the audience with beautiful scenery and gameplay.

Playground Games went full throttle with their announcement and demo of Forza Horizon 5. The game features majestic and realistic scenery and effects. Unlike other entries into the Forza franchise, Horizon 5 will feature an ever evolving open-world. Take on expeditions as you drive through living deserts, lush jungles, and historic cities. The game will have a campaign littered with challenges as well as a multiplayer arcade mode.

There will be no loading screens, menus, or lobbies. Players will get to meet each other as they drive along the beautifully crafted virtual landscapes of Mexico, in real time. Of course, you’ll be doing this behind the wheels of the world’s greatest cars. The game will release November 10, 2021 for PC, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.

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