Metal Slug Tactics breathes new life into the classic SNK franchise


Metal Slug returns but in a different form!

Summer Game Fest 2021 kicks of their second game announcement that hits too close to memory lane for some. Metal Slug Tactics brings back classic characters from SNK’s 2D platformer shooter, Metal Slug. This time though we’ll see them in a different genre.

Metal Slug Tactics sees the return of Marco, Eri, Fio, and Tarma as they lead the Peregrine Falcon Squad in a new setting. As the name suggests, this time around the game will be in a turn-based tactical strategic format. A far cry from the conventional 2D platform shooter the series was known for. However, the game still uses the same pixel artwork as its predecessors, showcasing some very familiar weapon, enemies, and landscapes. We’ve yet to see an official release date but it does already have its own Steam Page, which you can view here.