PlayStation Plus Free Games for May 2021


April went by real quick but you still have a chance to grab this month’s free PS Plus games!

The month of May is yet another banger for our PlayStation Plus subscribers. This time our free games are Battlefield V, Wreckfest: Drive Hard, Die Last, Stranded Deep. For Asia though you’ll lose Stranded Deep in exchange of Coffee Talk. Players will be able to download these titles come May 4th until May 31st.

Sony is switching their PS Plus free games roster by adding in PS5 only titles. Last month we got the newly released Oddworld: Soulstorm, this month we’re getting Wreckfest: Drive Hard, Die Last. Get the chance to patch together cars, pimp them out, then race in neck-to-neck fights with other custom vehicles. Sky’s the limit when it comes to customizations as you also have access to crop harvesters, three0wheelers, and much more. The game has multiple modes as well as multiplayer support for up to 24 players.

The heavy hitter for May is Battlefield V. The acclaimed sixteenth installment of the franchise released worldwide back in 2018. The game features several new multiplayer modes such as a continuous campaign mode dubbed Firestorm and Grand Operations. It focused extensively on party-based features and mechanics. We also have a battle royale mode supporting up to 64 players.

Lastly we have a survival title, Stranded Deep. The game features an open world map where players take the role of a survivor of a plane crash. Do your best to survive as you explore the vastness of the Pacific Ocean. Stave off hunger, thirst, and exposure to the environment as well as the dangerous creatures of the Pacific. Sadly Asian PS Plus subscribers will not get this, instead they’ll get the one below.

So, Asia players will get Coffee Talk a visual novel from Toge Productions. The game follows a barista in a fantasy version of Seattle. Talk and interact with your customers from all walks of life. These include fantasy races such as elves, orcs, and mermaids. The entire game is just two weeks long and each day players get to meet various characters to discuss their concerns.

To grab these games for free this May, get yourself a PS Plus subscription. One of the best shops to easily grab one is over at CDKeys. Happy gaming guys!