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A lot of juicy tidbits were revealed during the recently concluded MH Digital Event!

New monster reveals as well as mechanics made it to the center stage in Monster Hunter’s January 2021 Digital Event. We saw some familiar and returning faces alongside the new ones we’re bound to meet. Not only that but Demo details also came to light.

Monster Reveals

We already know Khezu is making its way back to the Monster Hunter Universe through Rise as well as the new flagship, Magnamalo. Today though, we got to see both of them in action alongside other adversaries:

  • Goss Harag — A Fanged Beast that uses blades made of Ice created by its own breath. Has a similar vibe to Arzuros and Volvidon.
  • Lagombi — Another Fanged Beast first introduced in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. Better known for its sliding manuevers.
  • Mizutsune — A leviathan first introduced in Monster Hunter Generations. A slippery enemy that generates bubbles to impede movement.
  • Barioth — An icy flying Wyvern first introduced in Monster Hunter 3. Quick on its feet and launches, well, icy attacks.
  • Great Baggi — A bird wyvern first introduced in Monster Hunter 3. Your generic starting adversary. Spits a sleep ball at its enemies.
  • Tigrex — The flagship monster of Monster Hunter Freedom 2. A fearsome flying wyvern known for its aggressiveness and intense rage mode.

New Mechanic: Wyvern Riding

A new mechanic to be introduced in Monster Hunter Rise with the use of Wirebugs. It’s similar to mounting except this time, you get to control the monster momentarily. Yep, that’s right they essentially become a true mount. Hunters can even use a monster’s attack while ridden or bang them on rocks, ledges, and the like.

Product Info

Pre-orders for the game are now open where we have a digital Standard and Deluxe Edition. As well as a Collector’s Edition, though that was not part of the reveals tonight. The Deluxe Edition of the game includes some exclusive downloadable content along with the base game. Apart from that we have some MH Rise Amiibo that provide exclusive layered armor sets.


Apart from all the new reveals, we also got some juicy info regarding the upcoming Demo. Players will get access to the following quests during the duration of the demo. Which will start on January 7th up until 00:00 PST/03:00EST February 1st.

  • Beginner Quest — The beginner quest pits players against a Great Izuchi.
  • Intermediate Quest — For the intermediate quest, hunters will take on a Mizutsune.
  • Training Quest — Learn the basics of MH Rise with this quest.
  • Wyvern Riding Quest — Get to try out and practice Wyvern Riding.

All 14 weapons will be available for use during the course of the Demo. These quests can be played in Solo and also Local and Online Co-op. Palamutes and Palico are available too, so you won’t be alone in these quests. Monster Hunter Rise releases March 26, 2021, you can pre-order a copy of the game now over at the eShop.

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