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ASUS and ROG went all out with their Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti line-up!

ASUS and ROG are ready with their expansive line-up of Nvidia’s RTX 3060 Ti graphics cards. We’re getting Strix, TUF, ASUS, KO GPUs out of the renowned manufacturer.

First up let’s take a look at the leader of the pack the Strix RTX 3060 Ti. We’re getting a trio of Axial-tech fans, the central fan includes 13 fan blades in a full-height barrier ring. The remaining two feature 11 blades each on half-height barrier rings. The heatsink covers most of the card’s 2.9-slot footprint. We also have ROG’s well established GPU technologies such as MaxContact, Super Alloy Power II, Auto-Extreme, FanConnect II. The front of the card also features RGB lighting that can be easily customized using the Armoury Crate software. The ROG Strix RTX 3060 Ti releases this December 2020 with a price tag of Php 34,590.

Next up we have the TUF Gaming RTX 3060 Ti. In true TUF Gaming fashion, the new RTX 3060 Ti GPU features an all-metal shroud with fans utilizing dual ball bearings. The materials are all durable with military grade certification. Most of the back of the GPU is swathed in a protective metal backplate. We also have the traditional triple axial fan format. As with the Strix variant, the TUF Gaming RTX 3060 Ti was made using the Auto-Extreme technology. Finally, we have a conveniently positioned Dual BIOS switch for easy profile customization. The TUF Gaming RTX 3060 TI releases this December with a price tag of Php 31,490.

Last but not least we have the ASUS Dual and KO RTX 3060 Ti GPUs. Those looking to grab a smaller form factor card can take a look at the ASUS Dual. As the name suggests, we have only two Axial-tech fans designed to provide ample airflow to the heatsink. The card was also made using the Auto-Extreme technology. We have an aluminum backplate and stainless steel I/O bracket for extra protection against unwanted flex.

Next up is the ASUS KO RTX 3060 Ti. The card is built on the foundation of the Dual with a modified shroud, space-grade fan bearing lubricant, and long-lasting capacitors and a vented backplate. The shroud makes use of gold and silver faceplates with customizable RGB lighting. Cooling is managed by a large heatsink that fills most of the card’s 2.7-slot footprint. As with the other cards, the ASUS KO RTX 3060 Ti was also manufactured using the Auto-Extreme technology. The Dual and KO RTX 3060 Ti releases this December with a price tag of Php 29,890 and Php 31,790, respectively.

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