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The ruler designer and plenty of improvements are coming to Crusader Kings III!

Fans have been clamoring for the famed Ruler Designer ever since the launch of Crusader Kings III. Sadly, the coveted feature was left out during the first months of the game’s launch. However, Paradox heard the pleas of the people and just a little over 2 months later, we’re finally getting our very own ruler. Not only that but a whole lot more with update 1.2.

Since Crusader Kings III overhauled a lot of its visuals compared to CK2, we got a whole slew of new customization options. Choosing your starting faith and culture remains. Although now you can also choose your sex and sexual orientation. Sadly, the coat of arms took a hit as unlike in CK2, you can only randomize it for now. Choosing your ruler’s age and weight this time affects the traits and health of your character. Then of course, trait selection makes a glorious return.

Most of the rules from CK2 still apply here, you can’t choose two opposing traits and no child traits on adults but generally you can go crazy with it. Limitations to customizations are now gone with the cost of turning off achievements if you go over the designated number. So, your trait selection no longer makes your character older. Then as with CK2, you can choose to be single or married and with or without children from the start.

Ruler Designer Crusader Kings III

The Ruler Designer isn’t the only feature coming with update 1.2. We’re also getting a lot of quality of life improvements and new stuff. One of the more interesting one is the ability to attach your army to those of your allies. By doing so, the attached soldiers will follow where their host goes. This removes the need to micro manage wars, especially during large scale ones like crusades. Then we have quite a major change with how rally points work. Armies now get split depending on a province’s supply limit. Meaning spawning a 10k army on a rally point will result in multiple ones in surrounding provinces, unless that province has a supply limit of 10k.

Other changes include the following:

  • Kill List — You can now see how many people a character’s killed and how they did it. Whether in combat or via suspicious means but only those they have failed to hide.
  • Force Realm Priest Endorsement — Your realm’s top religious figure can now be forced to endorse you regardless of their opinion. This is for as long as you have a Strong Hook on them.
  • Tribal Walls and Holding variants — Tribal Walls and Holdings now have variations. Tribes of the world no longer look alike and match their province’s theme. So expect to see longhouses in the north and yurts in the steppes and so on.
  • Player Coat of Arms Graphics — Player Coat of Arms in maps now have a bit more flair. This makes spotting players in multiplayer games easier and more convenient.
  • Reworked Dynasty UI
  • Improved Battle UI
  • Improved Ugliness System

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