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Babylon makes a return in Civilization VI led by none other than Hammurabi!

After just a few days since its tease, Firaxis finally sheds some light on Babylon and their leader, Hammurabi. The returning civ has an incentive in pursuing a scientific victory and releases along with the new game mode, November 19th.

With Babylon’s ability, Enuma Anu Enlil, Eurekas now provide a full science boost instead of their standard 40%. Meaning, techs are instantly researched once the boost requirements are met. However, it comes at a cost as the Civ receives -50% science per turn. Babylon’s unique unit is the Sabum Kibittum, a melee specialist with additional movement, sight and a whopping +17 combat strength against heavy and light cavalry units. For the unique building we have the Palgum, a replacement for the watermill that provides +2 production, +1 housing, and +1 food to all adjacent fresh water tiles. Just like the watermill, it can only be constructed in a City Center adjacent to a river.

As for Hammurabi, his leader skill is Ninu Ilum Sirum, which affects specialty districts except the Government Plaza. Whenever a new specialty district is constructed, it’s lowest production building is also built. Meaning Holy Sites receive their Shrines, Commercial Hubs receive their Markets, and so on. Other than that, every time a district is built for the first time a free Envoy is given. Babylon and Hammurabi is part of Civilization VI’s New Frontier Pass which you can purchase here.

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