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Kalaro takes off today, paving another way for Esports to grow in the Philippines!

Kalaro will officially launch its doors in just a few hours. Marking yet another milestone for Esports in the Philippines. The platform will go live at 9 pm later today through Facebook and YouTube.

Kalaro was a project of 4 Filipino tech experts and business leaders with a hefty 85 year combined experience in the field. The platform offers tournament management and corporate brand sponsorship for the expansive Esports market in the Philippines. The platform will serve as a virtual community for everything Esports. From players, to coaches, to teams, influencers, leagues, and of course, the fans. Within the platform, participants are able to meet other members, get updates, and discuss everything going on in the world of Esports.

Kalaro also serves as a central hub for tournaments, providing gamers with ways to launch and manage competitions on the web-app. It’ll also serve as an online storefront for corporate brands, allowing them to advertise, sponsor, and sell gaming merchandise straight to users. To make their launch more exciting, the platform will grant 200 Kalaro Gems for beta users who qualify to be Founding Members. Plus, later this month they’ll launch the “Kalaro Founders Cup” tournament. You can check out the platform here.

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