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The TUF Gaming Series is getting their own Power Supply Units!

ASUS’ PC component portfolio is coming up as they add yet another line of Power Supply Units. Check out the new TUF Gaming Series Power Supply coming this Q4 2020.

Like all that get included in the TUF Gaming series, there’s a big focus in durability. It’s the same with these new Power Supply Units as they have components certified to pass military-grade specifications. You have the PCB covered with a conformal coating and dual ball bearings for extra longevity for the fans. Speaking of fans, the ones we have here are 135 mm Axial-tech fans that produce less noise.

The PSU also includes 0dB tech, which brings the fans to a standstill when TDP is below 30%. Sadly, we’re not getting any modularity, even on the 750W variant. Finally, the entire line-up has an 80 Plus Bronze certification and a whopping 6-year warranty. The TUF Gaming Series PSUs come out Q4 2020 with the following prices.

  • TUF Gaming 750W Bronze — Php 6,049
  • TUF Gaming 650W Bronze — Php 5,299
  • TUF Gaming 550W Bronze — Php 4,630

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