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There’s more to the ROG Phone 3 than pure power and performance!

We all know that the ROG Phone 3 is at the pinnacle of smartphone gaming. Offering power and performance for a reasonable price. However, it does have more than just top-of-the-line specs. So, without further ado, here are the other aspects we truly love about the ROG Phone 3!

AirTrigger 3

A gaming smartphone ain’t complete without it’s accompanying set of shoulder buttons. For the ROG Phone 3 that’s the AirTriggers 3, an improvement over the previous AirTriggers 2 on the ROG Phone 2. The haptic feedback was retained but we got new toys in the form of swipe gestures and dual-partition button emulation. The triggers were more than helpful in our gaming sessions providing us with a lot of flexibility.

Especially in fast-paced games such as MoBas and First-person Shooters. Although, we were still able to find a use for the buttons in RPGs, platformers, and other genres. Even with just regular use, the buttons provide quick actions like activating and deactivating X Mode and calling on Google Assistant.

AeroActive Cooler 3 and Side Ports

We actually enjoyed using the AeroActive Cooler 3 as an added accessory for the charging and 3.5mm port rather than cooling. Sadly, it’s because the cooler really doesn’t do all that much in terms of lowering temperatures. It does, however, provide a way for you to play unimpeded when charging your phone as it frees the sides to keep your grip.

Plus no awkward dangling dongle for your non type-c earphones or headset. On the other hand, if we don’t need to plug in any earphones or headsets we just make use of the side-mounted USB Type-C port. It serves the same purpose of letting us play in landscape mode unimpeded during charging.

Game Genie

The all-around helpful game manager overlay, Game Genie, introduced with the first ROG Phone is back for the third time. It has a ton of useful toggles that enhance your gaming experience. From blocking notifications, calls, and navigation to on-the-fly controls of brightness, refresh rate, and AirTrigger settings. Yet the most enjoyable feature of the Game Genie is the “Search” function that pops-up a mini video player/browser. Allowing for quick written or video guide searches while keeping you in-game. We came to depend a lot on the Game Genie during our gaming sessions, truly a magnificent overlay.

Big Battery

Actually, the big battery of the ROG Phone 3 is more of a problem for us in some cases. Not because it drains too fast, but because it drains too freaking slow. Unless we really do extensive gaming and activities with the device, it’ll lose battery at unconventional hours. We’re not complaining though, as the phone can really survive the day and more depending on your use. Hence, you can confidently bring it with you and go home with a lot of juice left. That 6,000mAh battery truly is no joke and charge times aren’t insane either. Without use the device powers up from 20%-100% in about an hour and a half, not bad considering the size.

Wide Range of extra accessories

Most of these accessories are not included in the box but we still consider having access to them as a notable feature for the ROG Phone 3. Most of these are just improvements over the previous generation except for the newly minted ROG Clip. An accessory that, well, clips on to gamepads while holding the ROG Phone 3. Transforming it to another form of a small handheld gaming device, like how the Kunai does. Anyway, all these accessories add a bit more flexibility to your gaming experience. So, it’s nice to know you have the first-party options.

And that’s about it! We currently consider the ROG Phone 3 as the gaming smartphone to beat right now thanks to all the things we mentioned above plus its performance and affordable price.

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