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Kalaro opens up a whole lot of opportunities for Esports in the Philippines and beyond!

A Digital Esports Platform in Asia is about to be born. Kalaro, a made by an internationally experienced team of Filipino tech experts, is opening its doors this October.

The platform has support from foreign and local entities such as the National Computer Systems (NCS) of Singapore, ERNI from Switzerland, Union Bank of the Philippines, DragonPay, GCash and Globe Labs. Upon launch Filipinos we’ll be able to sign-up to Kalaro via their mobile number, Facebook, Twitch, Razer, or Google accounts.

“We are thrilled to finally unveil Kalaro to be the catalyst in rapidly developing world-class Filipino Esports talents. With the incredible support we are getting from our partners and the gaming community, we’re excited to realize the synergy Kalaro will create among corporate
brands and more than 30+ million Esports enthusiasts in thePhilippines,” — Renalyn B. David, Board of Directors Member of Inc./ Pnex Int’l Corporation.

The platform is also open to storefronts who wish to promote and sell their products online. As well as Brands who wish to sponsor gamers, streamers, teams, and leagues. It will support transactions thanks to payments through Union Bank of the Philippines, DragonPay, GCash, and Globe Labs. You can check out their services over here.

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