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RTX 3070 or Xbox Series X?

The prices of the next generation consoles are here. With Xbox taking the first blood by announcing the prices of their next-gens. Those are of course the Xbox Series X having a price of $499 (~Php 24,266), and the Xbox Series S having a price of $299 (~Php 14,525).

Additionally, the release date has also been announced to be November 10th. It’s up to PlayStation now to offer a competitive price for their PS5. Especially when the Xbox Series X and the RTX 3070 (faster than the 2080TI™) are priced at a reachable $499 tag. It’s such a good time to be a gamer (with money to burn, still kinda sorta cheap tho!). Stay tuned for most probably the PS5’s release date and price reveal in the coming days.

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