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It’s a pretty big update.

September looks to be an exciting month for Minecraft Dungeons players as Mojang gave updates to announcements they made earlier this month. In fact, all of these announcements and updates are set to release on September 8.

First, they announced more details for the game’s latest paid DLC: Creeping Winter. As the name suggests, players will get to experience a new story arc in the winter biome. The DLC features exciting new mobs such as the winter creeper and falling ice. Of course, with great perils come great rewards; tons of powerful loot will also be up for grabs. Aside from paid content, Mojang will also be releasing a free update to the game. Features in this update include new merchants and Daily Trials.

If a player manages to free a merchant, he or she will set up shop in your base, offering rare goods for you to purchase. Aside from new wares, some merchants also grant you the ability to upgrade your existing gear and trade with other players online. On the other hand, Daily Trials feature difficult and experimental dungeons for you to traverse. If completed, you will be rewarded generously, with weapons unobtainable through story mode.

Finally, Minecraft Dungeons will be available in physical format for the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and the Xbox versions of the game. The physical edition contains the base game, Jungle Awakens DLC, Creeping Winter DLC, and some extra cosmetics. Expect all of these updates and releases to arrive on September 8. You can currently play and purchase Minecraft Dungeons on the PS4, Switch, and Xbox through their respective online stores.

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