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The trio of games that started it all for the SaGa franchise gets released on the Switch as Collection of SaGa Final Fantasy Legend!

The SaGa series pioneers are heading to our beloved hybrid this holiday season. Releasing December 15th is the Collection of SaGa Final Fantasy Legend. The iconic JRPG that sold over a million copies during the era of the original Game Boy.

Relive the era of black and white (or grey?) RPGs with Final Fantasy Legend and its sequels. The series kickstarted the SaGa franchise, which will later include hit titles like the Romancing SaGa trilogy. Yes, it has ties to the Final Fantasy franchise but is not actually part of that universe. Though they do have some similarities. Especially in combat and in mechanics like classes, or you know RPG stuff. However, we’re not just getting an old fashioned port to the Nintendo Switch.

The collection will include some changes such as a high-speed mode, screen magnification, and screen background customization. More importantly, you can play the games just like how you would in ages past. Removing the Joy-Cons switches the game to vertical mode, essentially turning your Switch into a virtual Game Boy. The Collection of SaGa releases December 15th with a price tag of $19.99 (~Php 972).

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