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With the arrival of the new AMD Strix Pre-built Desktops, ASUS finally completes their team red line-up!

Complimenting the release of their AMD gaming laptop line-up, ASUS ROG finally welcomes some pre-built desktops. The new ROG Strix machines come with Ryzen processors.

Leading the pack is the decked out ROG Strix G35DX. Featuring up to the 3rd generation Ryzen 9 3950X paired up with an RTX 2080 Ti, RTX 2070 Super, or RTX 2060 Super. The pre-built isn’t just a powered-up machine, we get two hot-swap bays, an AIO Liquid CPU cooling setup, and Keystone II support.

  • ROG Strix G35DX-PH005T (R9-3950X and RTX 2080 Ti) — Php 219,995
  • ROG Strix G35DX-PH002T (R9-3900X and RTX 2070 Super) — Php 134,995
  • ROG Strix G35DX-PH011T (R7-3700X and RTX 2060 Super) — Php 109,995

The top-of-the-line model comes with an ROG Strix Flare keyboard and ROG Gladius 2 Mouse. On the other hand, the remaining two comes with an ROG Gaming Keyboard and ASUS Mouse.

amd rog strix desktop

Following suit is the ROG Strix G15DH. The machine is armed with up to an AMD Ryzen 7-3800X and an RTX 2070 Super. As with the G35DX, this one comes an ASUS keyboard and mouse. Check out its prices below

  • ROG Strix G15DH-PH003T (R7-3800X and RTX 2060 Super) — Php 79,995
  • ROG Strix G15DH-PH014T (R5-3600X and RTX 2070 Super) — Php 79,995
  • ROG Strix G15DH-PH002T (R7-3700X and GTX 1660Ti) — Php 69,995
  • ROG Strix G15DH-PH005T (R5-3600X and GTX 1650) — Php 49,995

Most of the models come with an ASUS mouse and gaming keyboard except for the PH014T which comes with a generic ASUS keyboad and mouse.

amd rog strix desktop

Lastly, ROG will be holding a special promo for purchasing a full set (system + peripherals). These will only be exclusive to ROG concept stores in SM North Edsa, Megamall, Gilmor, SM City Cebu, and SM City Davao. Anyone who purchases the G15DH-PH014T can grab it along with an ROG Strix Go 2.4 Wireless Headset and a TUF Gaming VG279QM monitor with a Php 13,000 price cut. Bringing the whole system to just Php 99,995 instead of Php 113,385. These systems will go on sale come August 21. Check out the entire line-up and their prices below.

G35DX-PH005TR9-3950X32GRTX 2080 Ti 11GD62TB + 1TB SSD₱219,995ROG Strix Flare Keyboard + ROG Gladius II Mouse
G35DX-PH002TR9-3900X16GRTX 2070 SUPER 8GD62TB + 1TB SSD₱134,995Gaming Keyboard + Mouse
G35DX-PH011TR7-3700X8G X 2RTX 2060 SUPER 8GD61TB + 512G SSD₱109,995Gaming Keyboard + Mouse
G15DH-PH014TR5-3600X8G X 2RTX 2070 SUPER 8GD61TB + 512G SSD₱79,995Gaming Keyboard + Mouse
G15DH-PH003TR7-3800X8GRTX 2060 SUPER 8GD61TB + 512G SSD₱79,995Gaming Keyboard + Mouse
G15DH-PH002TR7-3700X8GGTX 1660 Ti 6GD61TB + 512G SSD₱69,995Gaming Keyboard + Mouse
G15DH-PH005TR5-3600X8GGTX 1650 4GD51TB + 256G SSD₱49,995Gaming Keyboard + Mouse

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