Epic Games sues Apple, Google over expulsion of Fortnite from App Store, Google Play


Epic Games fights against giants!

Epic Games and Apple’s drama over Fortnite has spilled over to Google and a legal battle. Just a few hours ago Apple dropped the critically acclaimed title from the App Store, with Google following suit. After which, Epic Games filed a lawsuit against the two companies.

The fight between the two platforms and Epic ensued when the latter introduced a payment scheme outside of the purchase guidelines of the App Store and Google Play. As Epic earlier today, via an update patch, added a separate purchase option for V-bucks using their own payment portal. Saving players as much as 20% off from the usual price when bought using Apple and Google’s own in-app billing. This prompted Apple to remove Fortnite from the App Store due to the violation.

“Epic enabled a feature in its app which was not reviewed or approved by Apple, and they did so with the express intent of violating the App Store guidelines regarding in-app payments that apply to every developer who sells digital goods or services,” — Apple’s Official Statement over at The Verge.

Hours later, Google followed suit stating the same violations and promptly removing Fortnite from the Play Store. In response to both Apple and Google’s actions, Epic Games has filed two separate lawsuits against the two companies (Apple Lawsuit, Google Lawsuit). Here’s the official statement from Epic regarding the fight against Apple. They’ve also started an online movement with the hashtag “#FreeFortnite”, accompanied by the video you see above.