This is the PlayStation 5!


The next-gen is here!

After hiding in the shadows a few months back, only giving us a preview of its specs. Sony finally, to a surprising twist, revealed..well….the PS5 in their PS5 reveal event! (hek, hek, hek) With an entire futuristic white, black, blue theme, the next-gen console signals the new age of the PlayStation brand. Its design looks interesting, to say the least.

The biggest change to the PS5 is the support of SSDs, allowing faster loading times and processing for games. Although, how does it differ from PC SSDs you say? Well while PCs have had SSDs for a while, it has not been able to utilize their full potential due to the limitations of PCIe 3.0 slots. Sony will utilize more of its potential by developing their own slots in the PS5.

The PS5 has 2 types, the normal one, and the Digital Edition. As said by the name, the Digital Edition does not have a physical disc drive. Meaning you can only download games via the PlayStation Store. Several additional hardware were also revealed, the HD Camera, Pulse 3D wireless headset, the Media Remote, and the DualSense charging station. although it is unclear if they come with the console on purchase.

Speaking of DualSense, the controller of the PS5 is now called DualSense, the successor of the legacy of DualShock. This controller has several features. Haptic Feedback allows the controller to communicate with the what’s happening in-game. The adaptive trigger allows for the L2 and R2 buttons to have different resistances when pressed, depending on the game, to greatly increase immersion. And probably the most important feature of all, it has a 3.5mm audio jack for sound and USB-C for charging!

Well, there’s also motion sensors and built-in mic and speakers but we all knew that. The PlayStation 5 launches this Holiday 2020. Unfortunately, no news on its price yet, but stay tuned as we still have more questions to be answered, like Does it come in black?, When is God of War coming? Can we have backward compatibility with all generations of PS?, Why is it called DualSense? While we await answers, we can enjoy ourselves with a fresh dose of memes regarding its aesthetics.