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Aloy is back!

The most awaited sequel of Guerilla Game’s incredible Sci-fi RPG is coming. moving on from the mysteries of Zero Dawn, Horizon Forbidden West focuses on Aloy as she tackles a new set of mysteries and threats in this beautiful post-apocalyptic world.

As it implies in the title, Aloy’s journey continues on the west coast of USA, with Snippets of the now destroyed Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco. With the trailer showing off different types of Biomes. It also looks like we can now dive underwater! New types of threats will be encountered, as there are teases of Sylens and his ulterior motives. New Machines can be seen, where the mimic turtles, mammoths, boars, and other types of birds.

Follow Aloy as she uncovers more secrets the Old Ones have to offer, in Horizon Forbidden West. Unfortunately, the release date is yet to be revealed, so we have to stay tuned for that.

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