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Mega Man X DiVE’s honoring the game that started it all!

After a massive update just a week ago, Mega Man X DiVE is now ready for its first collaboration event. The game crosses over with a title from its own franchise — the original Mega Man.

The original trio, Mega Man, Proto Man, and Roll debuts in this collaboration. Not only that but players will get Blue Hero Mega Man for free as long as they login from May 21st until June 11th. Apart from the new heroes comes an event stage, filled with classic elements from the first title. This includes a well-known boss and some stage shennanigans. Talk about a walk down memory lane. Farm these stages to get Mega Man Memory and other materials to rank up that free blue boi. As for Proto Man and Roll, they’ll be available in a Pick-Up event starting May 21st up until the 28th.

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