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The devs of Mega Man X DiVE have been busy!

Mega Man X DiVE is chugging along quite nicely since its release back in March. Now the game is set for yet another major update next week, May 14th. It comes with new maps, stages, level cap increase, and most importantly, the debut of Ultimate Armor X.

Let’s talk about those new maps and stages. Chapter 7 of Area Forest opens up along with Gallery (Chapter 5) for co-op and Sting Chameleon in boss challenge. This also means that the level cap will be increased to 70 from 60. Then a new system called the Jakob Orbital Elevator comes into play. The elevator is composed of various stages with rewards along the way. The higher the stages, the more rewards, hence the “Elevator” moniker.

Sadly, you won’t be able to continuously farm in the Orbital Elevator as characters have fatigue levels (Good, Normal, Exhausted, Weakened). As your character’s fatigue decreases, so will their skills and abilities. Upon becoming weakened, however, the character won’t be able to climb up the elevator anymore. Fatigue is reset daily, so make sure to make the most out of your characters.

Dr. Light’s Lab enters the fray in this update. It allows players to grab four kinds of “Program Segments” upon completing missions. These segments can then be combined in the lab for a random variety of items. We’re also getting a “Beat the Chameleon” event starting, well now actually. After beating the boss you’ll be awarded activity points that can be exchanged for enhancement materials and Sting Chameleon Memories. Then the Arena Tournament gives PvP enthusiasts, and non-enthusiasts, a reason to participate in PvP for abundant rewards.

Last but not least and probably the most exciting addition to this update is the arrival of Ultimate Armor X. The most powerful armor ever debuts in the May 14th update. He comes with two skills namely Nova Strike, a sprint air attack, and Plasma Charge Shot, a charge shot that leaves a plasma round in enemies for sustained damage.

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